Your special day and helping you pick a great song choice

Everybody has different tastes and every event or party is slightly different too. But the general idea is to provide you with smooth, background music, that does not get in the way.

You and I will select melodies to match the mood of the occasion, be it slow ballards through to more up-tempo pieces.

Of course, there maybe a special tune that you would like to have played as a dedication, or a specific theme that you would like me to stick to. I am always happy to learn new material.

Sometimes, I am asked to play for part of the occassion, during guest arrivals and drinks, and other times all the way through, for example the wedding breakfast and reception. We will discuss your particular requirements ahead of time.

I play electric guitar, and set volume levels so that the music is clear but very unobtrusive, so as not to intefere with your guests talking. As things get quieter (or noisier!) I can of course adjust accordingly.

Venue size is generally not an issue.